What is the difference between a “resident” and an “intern”?

These words are interchangeable in a lot of settings, but “intern” seems to imply a low stakes job where the responsibilities involve tasks like getting coffee and making copies. 

Instead, we borrow the “resident” title from the medical field, where residents are learning by doing — they will learn by being hands on (Mark 1:17).  

The position carries much more responsibility than an internship, but still has oversight from seasoned vets and has the general spirit of learning and creativity.


Who are the current residents?

Click HERE to learn about, contact, or support our residents.


Who should apply for residency?

Any person who feels the call on their life to “equip the saints” (Eph. 4:11-12) can apply to be a resident. If a person wishes to be used by God to help build up his body, then that person should apply, regardless of whether their aim is to work for a church at the end of their residency.

We foresee residents moving on to be goers on mission to other contexts, (i.e., church staff, church planting, non-profit work, entrepreneurship, and market place workers). The common thread is that they live their lives for one sole purpose, the mission of God (Genesis 22:17-18, Matthew 28:18-20).


What will residents be doing?

To accomplish growth, residents are paired with ministry leaders. A resident's day-to-day responsibilities will be determined by which area of the church they are serving and who their direct supervisor is.

All residents will come together to learn, participate in staff-wide events, and go on mission trips together.


How do residents get paid?

The Bridge Institute partners with Reliant, a leading non profit fund raising organization for support raising training, coaching, accountability, donations and payroll. (Residents are employed by Reliant) Reliant provides offers the option of enrollment in a health insurance plan, along with other benefits.

Every resident accepted into the program is required to attend a 5-day fundraising intensive workshop, where they are equipped by the Reliant Team with the knowledge and skills to raise financial support. The Reliant team works with residents to determine support goals and preparation for employment.

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Can residents get school credit?

Yes! We are currently affiliated with three seminaries (The Antioch SchoolSouthern, and Southeastern). Credit is awarded according to the specific school’s policies and procedures.


Where can I apply?

Contact us for more residency info:

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