Head - Heart - Hands

Doctrine/Theology - Character/Gifting - Ministry/Marketplace Skills 


Definition - Training and instruction in hermeneutics and theology.

Desire - To provide a resident the tools for being a self-feeder , and the ability to lead others and pass on the discipline/skill. 2 Tim. 2:2

Method - 1st Year: The Institute Class which consists of three quarters: Hermeneutics, Theology Proper/Evangelical Doctrine, and Ecclesiology/Missiology

Method - 2nd Year: Develop a clear understanding of the administration and call of the local body and the character of the church's leaders by utilizing BILD curriculum. Self-guided study.

Method - Develop skills of critical thinking and advanced reading through assessments and assignments.


Definition - Guided self-discovery and Godly counsel.

Desire - To facilitate the discovery of gifting and calling.

Method - To provide an atmosphere to process what they are learning in the Head and Hands portion; to make connections, reconcile the discrepancies, and formulate conclusions.

Method - Use tools to provide a grid and vocabulary for how God wires us to contribute to the church family and participate in kingdom work.

Method - Regularly ask questions and press into undeveloped or uncomfortable areas.


Definition - Meaningful work.

Desire - To participate in the work of equipping the saints for the work of ministry by become a staff member at a church and/or look outside of the church to engage in creative, redemptive and healing work , as well as work that seeks to restrain and counter the spread of evil.

Method - Traditional: Become a staff member of The Bridge or an approved partner church. Support-raised.

Method - Hybrid: Commit to the term of the residency to honor God and their employer by being steadfast, immovable, always excelling in the work of the Lord, so we know that in the Lord their labor is not in vain.

Method - In addition to their assigned tasks, we intend to: Develop the skill of teaching individuals and by leading groups in Socratic discussion. Equip in creatively and effectively sharing the gospel with others. Establish an understanding the fundamentals of biblical counseling.