What Is Group Connect?
Group Connect is the primary avenue for people who are members and attenders at The Bridge to connect in community. Group Connect is an event where people who wish to connect will be asked to meet with small group leaders, learn about the small group opportunities available to them, and connect directly with a group leader rather than fill out an insert in the bulletin.  Group Connect is also a place for small group leaders who have available room in their group to meet people and communicate directly with those who are looking to engage The Bridge beyond Sunday morning.

Why Do We Need Group Connect?
Historically, we have asked people to sign-up if they are interested in being in a small group. The sign up has been based off the convenience of times people are available, a study they would like to engage, or a shared demographic. This method has proven mostly unsuccessful. We feel it is better for the leader and people who are looking for community to meet, visit about the group, and connect around a shared mission.  We believe this greatly increases the chances of new people connecting and contributing to the gospel-centered community of our groups. 

How Will Group Connect Work?
We anticipate the shape and form of Group Connect to change as the needs of the Groups Ministry at The Bridge changes.  Initially, we want Group Connect to be highly visible and provide a clear and easy path for people to connect.  Our plan is for Group Connect to be on Sunday morning after our services to provide the smoothest possible connection for people seeking to engage. 

How Do I Know When My Small Group Should Participate in Group Connect?
As groups grow, people move, and life happens, it is normal for a small group to change as well.  Our vision is for potential leaders to apprentice under current leaders with the understanding that they will form new groups when the time is right.  As new groups form, Group Connect is the primary place we desire to see them gather group members.  As existing groups change and there are more seats available in the group, small group leaders of existing groups should attend Group Connect to make a smooth path for people to find their way in.

Please submit group information prior to January 13. Thanks!

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